Devin Frizado

Devin Frizado

Certified Life Coach

Certified Shinpiden Reiki Master

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

Certified in Sleep Medicine

Associate Degree in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Specialize in personal coaching with a holistic approach to mindfulness as well as addictions. 

Sober Companion 

Devin Frizado graduated college in 2005 earning a degree in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology as a single young mom; from there she climbed the ladder in the medical field. She worked at a well known level 1 trauma center in Boston, MA. She went on to fill the senior Technologist position at a VA hospital where she confirmed her true calling for helping others. From there she helped grow the Neurology Department as Senior Technologist at a large and fast growing out patient clinic in Dartmouth, MA

Devin Frizado is a wife and mother of two teenage boys. She tells her story of her fight with alcoholism which progressed to multiorgan failure, she then was diagnosed with a rare neurological syndrome, CPM. Due to treatment for CPM she developed paralysis on her left side after a lesion on her brainstem/spinal cord formed which left her in a wheelchair with no definitive prognosis. After a miraculous recovery, Frizado rebuilt her life.

Devin Frizado focused on her physical, mental, psychological rehabilitation as well as her addiction recovery. She has been sober for 3+ years. In that time she regained her cognitive ability as well as motor function and studied psychology, mindfulness and holistic health to help with her permanent disabilities she lives with daily.

She focuses on ending the cycle of addiction. She is the founder of a sober mom’s group where she incorporates the practice of Mindfulness as the pathway to recovery for many mothers also suffering with addiction issues of all origins not limited to alcohol. Frizado has become an online and social media inspiration for many people suffering from mental illness, chronic illness, domestic abuse, addiction and the demands of motherhood. She also shares her love for food as a beacon of health and holistic treatment such as gut health while remaining free of pharmaceuticals.

With the addition of humor, positivity, mindfulness, and the power of thought, Frizado has transformed her life and continues to share her message that recovery is possible. Recovery is a journey, not a destination. While there are many pathways of recovery she shares her tools for remaining sober and living her best life ever.


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