If you're married for 25 years you're supposed to get silver. No one hands you silver on your 25th birthday. Here are some financial tips as you turn a quarter of a century old!

I am a big gift giver, not always expensive gifts but I like to give presents that people actually enjoy. I put a lot of thought into my gifts, isn't that the whole point? Throughout my adult years there have been times when I was on a budget: whether it be when I was a single mom, or collecting unemployment or when I was out of work for my health issues. Here are some tips!

Since being home from my fulltime hospital position, I had to rely on extra income. Check out the research I have found while finding the perfect stay at home job that brings income in to sustain our family.

Penny Pincher, Frugal Fanny, Tightwad, Cheese-parer… I don't care what you call me, I like to save money on certain things so I can spend it in other places. I have compiled some of my favorite blogs where I have gotten advice from and it worked.

List of things you should be doing as an adult now!

Throwing a party can be expensive. You do not have to be Martha Stewart or Julia Child to pull off the perfect party. Planning everything right down to the last 10 minutes will get you there.

Never remember your sister's birthday until the last minute?