Got pain?

03 Sep

CBD oil can be taken under the tongue (fastest absorption), used as a lotion, inhaled or as an edible. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and as a pain reliever. There are so many reasons why someone would need or want to use CBD oil. Personally, I wanted to take it to relieve my neuropathy, migraines, depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I developed a brain lesion on my brainstem in December 2016, after that I was put on so many different meds to address all those issues i was left with. With all the different meds I was put on I started to experience side effects. I was losing train of thought, becoming lethargic and pretty much a vegetable. I had crazy mood swings because the meds that helped my depression and anxiety caused my blood pressure to go up and down randomly so I felt like I was going crazy, add in the cognitive dysfunction and I literally thought I was going crazy.  

I tried a few different brands, and I was not to thrilled with CBD. That's when I started doing more research. There are all kinds of CBD oil: full spectrum, different terpenes, isolates, THC free, made from marijuana or hemp; it can really get confusing. So a friend told me about this company she was working with. It was a network marketing company and I thought "SPAM" right away, but I was willing to give it a try. The price was good and the website was simple and informative. There is no need for multiple ingredients, the less the better. Seriously, all you need is hemp oil and CBD.  I went with hemp oil as a personal preference. I am not a fan of marijuana. I do not like to get high. But most of all because of my addictive personality, I was afraid to get addicted to it. With hemp oil there is still traces of THC (the compound found in marijuana that makes people feel high) but not enough to make you high and just enough that it was federally under the legal limit which made it legal in all states and no prescription or medical marijuana card needed from a doctor.

Everyone is different, so how long it takes for your symptoms to go away is different. For me, it took a few days to start noticing it, then a week to feel really good. The company suggests taking it in the morning and a night and to slowly go up on how many drops a day. If people don't take it as suggested they will not feel the effects, plain and simple.  I decided to start weaning off my meds and for 6 months now I have been med free and I feel great. I felt so good I decided to start selling it. I went to festivals and told my story and helped change the lives of a lot of people and their pets. Did I mention that this oil can be given to dogs and cats too? It really is an a amazing oil and its organic and non GMO meaning not genetically modified.

We know CBD oil helps with almost everything so why go with Hempworx? Even though CBD oil is not FDA approved yet their CBD oil is FDA regulated meaning that they are compliant with the FDA. Their oil is organic, 100% natural, no fillers or additives. It is locally grown and has a cleaner method of production. I personally use it everyday and I stand behind it. I take the 750mg peppermint oil, it's my favorite. Like I mentioned before there are many ways to use CBD oil, check out the Hempworx website and try a few items for yourself.

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