Finally Home after Hospitalization

12 Jan

Being home is different. I've only been gone for 2 months but I feel like I need to learn things all over again. The phone has not stopped. Visiting nurses and home therapy making schedules, insurance calling asking how I am feeling, facebook alerts, family and friends well meaning text messages. My 2 dogs are crazy as always. We have Ginger, a 3 year old golden retriever mix (who is still in her puppy stage). We also have Lilly, a 19 year old coockapoodle (cataracts, missing 8 teeth, fused hips and still runs around like a puppy). It seems as though the dogs are strategically placing their toys in my path, but I am now using a 4 wheeled walker and "hauling ass" according to my husband so the toys are no match for me.

Although I am still tripping over my own feet, I am still working on my coordination. This would be my everyday life, but I'm not used to it now. The nurses did say I needed to rest and put up my swollen ankles. As soon as I get comfortable the lasix kicks in and I realize my toilet is lower than the one in the hospital. OUCH!

The first few days were difficult, getting comfortable in my king size bed when I was used to a small hospital bed. Realizing I had to cook the food to eat it was a change. Doing simple chores seems to take triple the time. I wake up every morning to take my medication and start my chores. I then have home therapy that is nothing compared to the rehab, but regardless I am ready for a nap around lunchtime. Grabbing pots and pans for dinner tires me out, so I throw all my seasonings into my basket on my walker and rely on 4 wheels and my uncoordinated feet to get dinner done. 

Some tips on getting into shape after an injury

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