Im Back!!!

10 Aug

It's been awhile since I've updated my current situation. I'm feeling great. I am feeling wonderful. This is not a noxema commercial this is REAL life (if you guessed what movie that is email me). Although I love my children and my husband, I would not survive being a stay at home mom or a stay at home wife. If that were to happen I think someone might get hurt. Probably me due to my accident prone-ness (is that a word?). There are bills to pay, and by bills I mean a lot. I own a home, I have a big beautiful truck with a BIG ugly payment, kids are not cheap... yadda yadda yadda.

I thought by changing my career to sales was the way to go. Sitting at a desk, staring out at a beautiful scene... Rewind to what really happened- I ended up door-to-door-knocking selling solar panels. For what it's worth, it is a great investment for the home owner, just not for my bank account or my feet. 

I thought to myself, what do I know best? Raising kids, being a wife, cooking awesome food, Neurology, having fun, being silly, loving my family, playing with my dogs, drinking. Well, the drinking part didn't end up too good for me seeing I almost died. Now, what could I do that I love and get paid to do it? Neurology. And BOOM there it was, an opening at a Hospital I have seen since becoming an Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist 14 years ago. I figured I might as well apply.  Wouldn't you know, they called me not to long after I applied. I am not tooting my own horn, but I am kind of a catch :) 

I had the interview scheduled, I go and fall down the stairs and break my toe 2 days before. Not just like a swollen toe, broken in 2 parts ( I didn't even know that could happen, remember when I said I was prone to accidents). So, I go and I fall in love with the place and the whole time I am getting a tour I have no idea where we are and how far we have traveled; the head tech and the manager say that it's like walking 5 miles within a days work. All I could think of is my broken toe at the time. 

I get home and tell my husband how much I loved it but with all the walking, and pushing machines around and possible strenuous work how will I get through even one day.  My husband has always said to think positive if you want positive things to happen. I wanted to get my life on track, I was 6 months sober and living life one day at a time. No counting down the hours till the end of the day or even worse counting down the hours until my next drink. I thought to myself... I am 33 years old, this is prime time. This is the time to live life to it's fullest. I decide accepting a perdiem position would be best to see if I could even handle it. 

I started working on June 5, almost 5 months since I had come home from the hospital with my CPM. Cooking dinner, cleaning the house, practically doing anything after I get home is a chore, but I love it. I am back doing what I love most, EEG's. I can actually take time with my patients and give them all my attention. Such a different way of working than it was for me before. The first place I worked as a tech was at a hospital the same one that diagnosed me when I got sick and could have died less than a year ago, then I was young and just starting my family. The next place I worked at was an outpatient clinic that I loved the testings but hated the atmosphere. I learned to hate my job because I was miserable being an alcoholic, waking up miserable and being surrounded by people who themselves were also miserable. Now, I wake up everyday with a new light. I am sober and loving every minute of it. I have so much to tell that I can't catch my breath sometimes. Even though I have no problem talking to anyone who will hear me talk, I figured this is why I have a blog. Now it's time to find some new recipes, but until I do, check out the ones I love.

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