Key to a Healthy Self Esteem

21 Apr

When I picture someone who defines “healthy self-esteem,” this is a person who accepts that life isn’t perfect and rolls with the punches. Someone who is comfortable with who they are and can get through things that don’t turn out the way they expected. For example, someone who is late due to traffic. Rather than going into a cycle of self-blame and fear about what their boss thinks, they accept it, knowing they did the best they could. I think that is the short-term version of healthy self-esteem; someone who truly believes they are doing the best they can.

Relationships with those close to you — parents, siblings, peers, teachers and other important contacts — are important to your self-esteem. Many beliefs you hold about yourself today reflect messages you've received from these people over time.

If your relationships are strong and you receive generally positive feedback, you're more likely to see yourself as worthwhile and have healthier self-esteem. If you receive mostly negative feedback and are often criticized, teased or devalued by others, you're more likely to struggle with poor self-esteem.

But past experiences and relationships don't have to be your destiny. Your own thoughts have perhaps the biggest impact on self-esteem — and these thoughts are within your control. If you tend to focus on your weaknesses or flaws, working on changing that can help you develop a more balanced, accurate view of yourself.

Here are some steps to a Healthy Self Esteem:

RECOGNIZE- makes us feel bad-stop sign.

QUESTION- is it true, reasonable, rational, realistic?

RE-STRUCTURE- state the positive.

TRANSPORT- negative state to positive state.

PROBLEM SOLVE- what can you DO to improve the situation?

WRITE- change negative dialogue to positive. 4 each day.

Positive feelings can’t coexist with negative thoughts. Change your mind; change your mood. 

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Affirmations that help️:

I can choose the thoughts I entertain.

I know positive thoughts produce positive feelings.

I will look for the good.

Negative thinking is a bad habit that I can break.

I am a great problem solver.

I am worthy of inner peace.

I am alive and participating in my day.

I am action oriented.

I am proud of my accomplishments.

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