Put an End to Panic Attacks

18 Apr

End Panic Attacks:

ACCEPT- float don’t fight.
PERMISSION- I know what this is.
BREATHE- inhale 2, exhale 4.
INNER DIALOGUE- positive, comforting.
DISTRACT- action, mental and physical for at least 15 minutes.
LET TIME PASS- discomfort always passes.

These steps are great for waves of sadness, anger, worry, etc.

FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real

No need to suffer any longer💯

Some thoughts to remember to deal with Panicky Feelings:

  • It's OK to be anxious. I'm OK
  • Body symptoms are uncomfortable, but there is no danger.
  • I have tools to control panic.
  • I can handle feelings.
  • I am my safe place. I am home.
  • It's ok to relax now.
  • I can share my feelings and thoughts.
  • It always passes.
  • I am strong, courageous, and capable.
  • My new skills are working.
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