Today is a Great Day!

27 Nov

It’s been awhile since I updated you all to what’s been going on in my life. Ok… there’s a lot! Let’s start with the kids!

Richie has a new agency involved with helping us get the support we need for his conditions. As he gets older (he’s 13 now) he is very aware that Autism and ADHD are things he does not want to have and make him different, but he’s still too young to see what makes him different makes him unique and a wonderful person. So, it’s difficult sometimes. But other than that, he’s still friends with the same kids and ALL of them are so good, so that makes me happy! He is growing like a weed; his voice is way lower than it already was, which makes his dry sarcastic wit about it even more funny.

William has his driver’s permit and is literally causing heart attacks every time he drives. He’s actually a really good driver, but sometimes he makes these impulse decisions that makes me wonder what’s going to happen when he’s on his own?? And he gets a little too close to parked cars which is hard to do because we live in a city with tons of on street parking. He is still playing Hockey. The town hockey just ended, they made it to Championships, but lost the last game, High school hockey starts up soon- 3 years on the Varsity team!!! He’s really good at any sport he tries. And his grades are really good.

On a kid level I can’t complain at all. Both kids are doing well, Richie does still have some minor health concerns, but we are dealing with as we comes and still holistic with him! So on to my physical conditions while we are on the topic of holistic health.

I am still holistic; I use CBD oil and some supplements. I eat really healthy most days ;) That includes, low carb, low sugar, little to no processed foods and intermittent fasting throughout the week… The weekends are another story, ha ha. I do cheat and I do eat more on the weekends, but I am still losing weight (down 41 pounds) and my neuropathy is doing great, my physical strength is amazing and I’m walking up the stairs unassisted and I can carry some things in my hands while up the stairs. I do still get some cramps and myoclonus, some headaches, a little dizziness/falls and I am being watched for early signs of Glaucoma. I do a lot of meditation and body scans, 2-3 times a day along with chakra balancing and auric cleanses. Because I am a Reiki practitioner, I also perform self Reiki and I see friends who also do Reiki on me. I am doing like 80% better than 2 years ago.

The energy healing is so amazing and I wish more people would look into it. But people are afraid of eastern medicine or holistic pathways… sadly because our government has brainwashed us to think we will die if we don’t do Chemo for cancer or take upteen amounts of medications with awful side effects. Don’t get me wrong, there are some medications that have saved people’s lives, but… many people can get off their crutch and do some work and heal themselves. It’s as simple as that. If that offends you maybe you need to look at why. Not trying to be fresh just as an eye opener.

Now back to family life! My husband is great; the winter is coming so that is the slow time of year for his cleanout business. Which is perfect timing because he has some projects he is working on and it’s a surprise/secretive, so I can’t say anything else. Ginger is well, I don’t know if you know but we lost Lilly at the beginning of the year. While we miss her so much, she has visited me in my dream twice now… that’s another thing I’ve been working on. We got a puppy and he is a big dog- an Alaskan Malamute. Right now he’s 8 months old and 85 pounds; he is a lot of work, but so worth it.

So, while I’ve always known I was psychic on some level since I was a kid, things have really amped up. It’s not like I can read your mind, but I get a picture of what’s going on, whether it be a situation you are dealing with, a health concern or just your overall mood. I do see future events unfold, but it’s hard to explain myself to people who don’t know me very well. It’s not like I am sitting in front of a crystal ball reading palms, I just get these images during regular conversations. I do work with a few well known psychics, I guess like a training and I am strengthening my gifts. We all have them, some people are just able to feel them easier!

I have started to work with a non-profit organization Peer 2 Peer Recovery Center and I will be facilitating a sober Moms Group, Mindful Moms Recovery Group. It will be a peer led support group. While we are there to talk and support one another, I will be teaching some mindfulness for them to utilize with their sobriety, I do believe this has been a crucial technique for my sobriety; but really life in general has been amazing since adopting mindfulness. Of course I don’t do it 100% all day long, but most of my life revolves around its principles. Which living this way has led me down many pathways of religion and my own spiritual journey, but also simple things like being a contributing member of society.

In a nutshell article, that’s what’s going on in my life. I am still taking on new clients whether it is nutritional help, holistic counseling, addiction needs or just life lessons in general. I am a one stop helping shop, ha ha! I started Get a Better Life a couple of years ago because I did so many different things to help me heal and feel great emotionally, physically and psychologically and I wanted to share what worked. What has come out of this, is nothing short of amazing. I am truly living my best life ever, I wake up with gratitude, I am able to conquer anything, I have so many dreams and wishes and I go after each one. I keep myself organized and hit all my goals. Three years ago I was lying in a hospital bed paralyzed not knowing what my future held. I had a vision and I saw it! I am having a blast living every moment to its fullest and I am a walking reminder that miracles do exist and anything we want to do or be is within our grasp.

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