Welcome to Get A Better Life. This website is to help you along your path. I share wisdom and stories in my articles aimed to help you. I won’t bore you with my life story, if you want to know more about me click here.

Is your life a mess? Do you need a little help? I am not a counselor, I am a Certified Life Coach/Reiki Master as well as a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner. I am here to help you become your authentic self and have a satisfying life. I specialize in personal coaching with a holistic approach to mindfulness as well as addictions. I am also available as a sober companion. Please read what is life coaching and what is to be expected of a life coach and also a guide to a sober companion to get started.

“I may have all the ideas, but it’s my life coach who organizes and helps me decide. My life coach honed my thinking skills as well as my decision-making skills.”
- Author and Hypnotherapist

Many people like me, want to figure out where they belong in life; there is a major shift in energy and a Great Awakening. People need to take care of themselves, and believe in themselves in order to see the beauty life has in store for us. Once you find your true self, you are capable of finding out the secrets of the Universe.

People are realizing that disease and chronic conditions are cured by diet, superfoods and supplements; instead of relying on pharmaceuticals. Because of technology, people are able to see the damage we have done with the chemicals we use; together as a whole we can make our Mother Earth healthy again, by using organic items, recycling and more. If so many things are possible by expanding the mind, what else is there? There is more than the ground we walk on, more than the stars we see and the occasional full moon. Life is connected at so many points to add up to an entire universe. A universe made up of energy, love and acceptance is possible but only once people open their minds to peace, change and equality.

Read through the articles: family, health, make your life easier, finances, mental health and spiritual journey to find ways to improve your life. Search a keyword at the bottom of the menu. If you are still lost, send me a message.

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